The University of maryland

College Park, MD

The design approach for the University of Maryland, East Campus was to create a town center between the university and the community – that shares the vision of both.

Situated directly between the University and a Metro transit station, and with the incorporation of the light rail station, the new community will be perfectly sited to take advantage of the retail synergies that occur between the community and the university.

Community needs for neighborhood services, walkable entertainment, and dining will be complemented by a new vibrant office, hotel, and residential community above the active street environment. The Town Center will frame the main entrance of the university and take full advantage of the views to the campus lawns and main buildings. A main plaza will feature a new book store and cinema, creating a welcoming open public space accented by dining and entertainment opportunities.


385,000  sf of retail space

100,000 sf of office space

2,100 residential unit

150 room hotel